History has shown us that times of great turmoil often lead to the creation of great rock ’n’ roll. It seems fitting then, that as the year 2017 crashed and burned, a musical collective was rising from the ashes, transforming the remains into a visceral, euphonic force. Introducing Melbourne’s Deep Scene

Deep Scene's debut album ‘Limeade' is littered with 3-minute bursts of simultaneous joy and desolation - songs about the end of a marriage, the loss of one’s self and sanity, and the longing for new beginnings. Their brash brand of power pop combined with devastatingly autobiographical lyrics recalls the likes of The Replacements, The Nerves and Teenage Fanclub, but with an outlook and sound that transmutes these influences into something uniquely Australian.

Guitarist/vocalist ‘D’, drummer ‘KK’ and bassist ‘Slinky’ together create a loud, shimmering force that offers a glimpse of hope to anyone who has ever felt lost or restless. 

‘Limeade’ will be out in early 2018. 

Image: Max Ray Fin